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Avengers (Here be SPOILERS)

I was going to wait until our American cousins had a chance to see the film, but I've been sitting on this post since 25th April and I'm over seeing the tab open. Besides, I have to reboot for some updates so ...  

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Right. I've now got that out of my system.  Please resume lusting after the cast, squeeing over all the pairings and passing out because


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In praise of dat ass (no spoilers)

Now, you all know I love Arthur & Eames. That is NOT going to change.

But, seriously, check out the delectable butt in the new icon. It's kinda hypnotic and I couldn't get it out of my head, even after I left the cinema. No small feat considering The Avengers has left me with ALL THE FEELINGS!


But DAMN Chris Evan's butt is worth throwing on the profile for a bit.
Captain America's Delectable Butt

Mini Review: The Avengers was a lot of fun. I laughed, I cried, etc. I'd recommend it even for non-fannish types. (see? no spoilers)
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I love you flist, but

I'm finally able to admit that I won't be able to catch up with what I missed over the holidays. I'm sorry.

If you had joys or tears, I offer hugs.

If you had requests or questions, I offer hugs.

If you've posted fic ... I'm offering hugs until I can get through what seems to be a HUGE list, what with several fests in different fandoms. I'll get there eventually if it's the last thing I do. I'm also aware that it may be the last thing I do. ;)

I hope your year has started well and look forward to sharing the coming year with you all.

Love you lots. <3
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When you have to harm those you love

I love Mr wf, but sometimes I despair. I bought him Band of Brothers on dvd LAST CHRISTMAS because we always stopped to watch it when it was on tv. He ignored it. It sat in plastic wrap for 11+1/2 months and I respected that. I said today that I was going to crack it, because I wanted a re-watch.

Turns out that because there was an advert on the back of the packaging for The Pacific, (which he tried, but didn't get into) he thought I'd bought him The Pacific. BECAUSE HE COULDN'T TELL AFTER ALL THESE YEARS THAT I'D KNOW HIM BETTER AND THOUGHT I'D GET HIM SHIT I KNEW HE WOULDN'T LIKE! :/

Because w/e - he's just some random guy in my life.

On the upside, he's seen and enjoyed Inception more than any other film besides "Ice Cold in Alex". So, I guess I still have to love him. :rolls eyes:

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Sooo ... lj sucks ...

I suddenly have no variables on my user pics when I'm posting (the option of whole fandoms are missing). WHY?

Well, I'd just about now be due for renewing my paid account - if lj hadn't extended my account by weeks because of so much time off-line this year. But, I now have limited use of PAID FOR resources. Otherwise, what's the point of offering to extend the account??


Yeah, I very much fucking doubt it.

So very, very fucking grumpy right now. >>o(((((

I dare someone to tell me I'm wrong, because I don't think that's going to happen
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My ideal Inception-con

There are just moments one has to indulge oneself.  Here's mine.  If I was suddenly given a million, I'd spend enough of it to enable an all-expenses-paid gathering in a location dictated by nothing more than fandom whimsy.  The itinery would look something like this:

12-1  Meet & Greet: Putting names to faces (online names only, no personal information required)
1-3  Lunch - General cuddle-fest
3-5.30  Viewing of Inception
5.30-6.30  Free time ('cause no-one's going to opt for anything but film discussion)
6.30-8  Dinner - General discussion of the film Inception
8-late  Suit-porn discussion group/pajama party

11-12  Breakfast (because no-one got to bed early the night before, why try to have breakfast earlier, yeah?)
12-1 Arthur's trousers workshop
1-3 Lunch - Rare-pairs discussion groups
3-4 Eames' stubble workshop
4-5.30 General cuddle-fest
5.30-630 Free time (cuddle to your heart's content)
6.30-8 Dinner - film meta & Nolan worship-fest
8-late BAMFs, guns & criminals discussion group/pajama party

11-12 Breakfast (see day 2)
12-1 'How the hell does the PASIV work, anyway' workshop
1-3 Lunch Switching: top!Arthur/top!Eames discussion groups
3-5.30 Viewing of Inception - the 'quote every line, squee before the action actually happens' free for all
5.30-6.30 General cuddle-fest
6.30-8 Dinner - hot man-on-man action discussion group
8-late - So long, farewell, and thanks for all the dreams/pajama party
I'd pay good money to have as many peeps in this fandom in one place as possible for that.  Especially for the daily cuddle-fest. <3
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